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10 Best Hindi Comedy Movies of All Time


Comedy is one of the most successful genre of Bollywood and we are listing 10 best Hindi comedy movies of all time. These movies are king of Comedy films and are described as Bollywood classics. You can watch these 10 best Hindi Comedy movies any time and still it will make you laugh out loud. Read More »

Top 10 Indian Hilltop Temples with Cable Car Facility


Cable Cars are one of the most sought after modes of transportation in the mountains. It’s adventurous and, of course, fun. However, things get a bit more enthusiastic when it’s a hill top temple that we’re ascending to in a cable car. After all, fun with a definite purpose always rocks! So, in this article, we’re going to chart 10 of ... Read More »

Top 10 Forts to visit in India Part II


One of the popular travel themes in India is the majestic forts in India several of whom have been inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites for their cultural significance and place they hold in India history and heritage. A land ruled by various Rajput warrior princes, Nizams, Sultans and emperors, there are a number of mighty impregnable forts in ... Read More »

Top 10 Hiking Trails in India


“Know the unknown” and “tame the untameable”, these are very common tendencies seen in humans, from the beginning of the civilization. However, the eagerness to reveal the secret has resulted in amazing discoveries by the human race. Hiking trails in India are the challenges that are taken up by adventure enthusiasts to conquer their inner fear and experience the thrill. ... Read More »

Top 10 Forts in India


India is dotted with numerous forts which can be aptly referred to as the living legends. Each of these forts are replete with saga of romance, chivalry, valor and inevitable deceit and intrigues of court politics.   Some of the forts are brilliant specimen of architecture designed and constructed by the humans. In the forts built during the medieval period, ... Read More »

Top 12 Most Scenic Train Routes in India


Being a good passenger of the Indian Railways for more then 15 years and traveled through the beautiful train routes around the country, Here is the list of 12 most scenic train routes of Indian Railways. The list may get longer, if we add few more train route such as Karjat-Lonavala,Junagarh-Delvada,Pune-Satara and Neral-Matheran. Please share your travel journey across the numerous train ... Read More »

Top 10 Greatest Freedom Fighters of India


The Indian War of Independence from the British Colonial Powers lasted for numerous decades and finally after a long struggle freedom was achieved. It was a war that abolished British supremacy in the world. Hundreds and thousands of men, women and children fought for it till their last breath and some like Shaheed Bhagat Singh even in their death. I ... Read More »

Top 10 Caves of India


Most of the Indian caves are now sheltered and maintained by the Archeological Society of India, and thus one needs permissions and registrations. We list here the top 10 places for caving in India. Explore away! Caving in India is very popular considering the number of caves one can find here. Every state has a number of caves worth exploring. ... Read More »

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