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Top 10 Greatest Freedom Fighters of India


The Indian War of Independence from the British Colonial Powers lasted for numerous decades and finally after a long struggle freedom was achieved. It was a war that abolished British supremacy in the world. Hundreds and thousands of men, women and children fought for it till their last breath and some like Shaheed Bhagat Singh even in their death. I ... Read More »

Top 10 Caves of India


Most of the Indian caves are now sheltered and maintained by the Archeological Society of India, and thus one needs permissions and registrations. We list here the top 10 places for caving in India. Explore away! Caving in India is very popular considering the number of caves one can find here. Every state has a number of caves worth exploring. ... Read More »

Top 10 Unusual and Interesting Places in India


Travelling in India is like a roller-coaster ride, thrilling and unforgettable. India has something to offer to every traveller: scenic beauty, beaches, mountains, fauna, adventure sports, luxury hotels, historical monuments, a cultural treat for all the senses… The experience will leave you a little exhausted; because in every moment, there’s so much to live. If you think you’ve seen everything ... Read More »

10 More Unsolved Indian Mysteries


India is a hub of mysteries. Its ground is rich with numerous mythologies and folklores. Though the world’s interest in India revolves largely around its colourful culture, but there are some really bone-chilling and dark corners hidden among those colourful hues. Here are 10 More Unsolved Indian Mysteries.  For part 1, click here. Read More »

Top 10 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in India


The Indian subcontinent has always been a natural home to a wide variety of flora and fauna owing to its rich geographical areas and varied climatic regions. The country hosts as many as 442 wildlife sanctuaries which include natural occurring sanctuary and other protected areas for animals. Many of these centuries host some of the rarest and endangered animal and ... Read More »

Top 10 Best Camps in India


The camping craze is fast picking up pace in India. As a result of which there has been an increasing number of camp facilities in the country. The facilities are blended with appealing and comfortable stay for tourists to enjoy the camp throughout. Keeping this in mind we have come up with the top 10 camps to spend your vacation ... Read More »

Top 24 Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Traditions


Hinduism is a mysterious religion. Numerous rituals, customs and traditions form the backbone of this faith. Most of us tend to question the necessity of these rituals and wonder how is it relevant in the modern world. Most of us tend to dismiss some of these traditions as superstitions which exist as part of the old world order. But are ... Read More »

Top 7 Elite Special Forces Of India


To all our readers, who have been regulars to this website, I would like to thank you guys for making this site very special. We just completed a year this month and from this month onwards we are going to add more writers to this site. Today, we are going to introduce you guys to our new writer, Dhairya Gupta, ... Read More »

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