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Top 7 Elite Special Forces Of India


To all our readers, who have been regulars to this website, I would like to thank you guys for making this site very special. We just completed a year this month and from this month onwards we are going to add more writers to this site. Today, we are going to introduce you guys to our new writer, Dhairya Gupta, ... Read More »

50 Interesting Facts About International Cricket


Cricket has always been my favorite topic on this website. Article I have written in the past about cricket include, 50 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Indian Cricket, Top 10 India’s Memorable Cricketing Moments of the Decade, 50 Amazing Facts About Sachin Tendulkar, 50 Best Quotes By Navjot Singh Sidhu. I have written very little about this game on an ... Read More »

Top 10 Card Games for Diwali


According to folklore, Goddess Parvati played dice with Lord Shiv on Diwali. It’s said that anyone who gambles on this auspicious day receives blessings aplenty from her! So, whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned pro, here are 10 simple & awesome card games to get you in the groove. Many of these involve a little gambling, while ... Read More »

50 Amazing Facts About Sachin Tendulkar


After Sachin’s Perth hundred(114) in 1992, the famous London Times correspondent John Woodcock, in his ’70s, was moved enough to say: “Gentlemen, he is the best batsman I have seen in my life. And unlike most of you, I have seen Bradman bat.”  Here are 50 Amazing Facts About Sachin Tendulkar. Read More »

Top 10 Rare Indian Natural Phenomenon


A natural phenomenon is a non-artificial event that occurs in the physical sense; one that has not been produced by humans. There are many naturally occurring phenomenon that occur in India. Here are Top 10 Rare Indian Natural Phenomenon. Read More »

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