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Best of Indian Jugaad- Part 2

Indians are known to live on the minimum. Nothing is useless until we throw it out. It does not matter we don’t have the right tools for the job, we’ll always find a way to finish it with available tools. Here are 20 Best of Indian Jugaad-Part 2.


1.  Only in India

Only in India!-Best of Indian Jugaad

2.  The Most Efficient Cabinet

The Most Efficient Cabinet-Best of Indian Jugaad

3.  Multipurpose Pants

Multipurpose Pants-Best of Indian Jugaad

4.  No Seat, No Problem

No Seat, No Problem-Best of Indian Jugaad

5.  We got enough parts to make a vehicle

We got enough parts to make a vehicle-Best of Indian Jugaad

6.  No Words to Describe

No Words to Describe-Best of Indian Jugaad

7.  How about that for a chandelier

How about that for a chandelier-Best of Indian Jugaad

8.  Nailed It

Nailed It-Best of Indian Jugaad

9.  Got key for your problem

Got key for your problem-Best of Indian Jugaad

10.  The real stuntman

The real stuntman -Best of Indian Jugaad

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  1. very very nice..keep posting.

  2. Loved this and the part 1 as well.

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