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Top 10 AdSense Tips to Earn More (Complete AdSense Guide)

Every blogger dreams of making money online. Google AdSense is the world’s largest online Ad network working on the principle of pay per click system. Its commission rate is best compared to other ad networks. A good portion of Indian AdSense publishers and bloggers earn quite a living out of their websites. More and more Indians are jumping into blogosphere trying to make their contribution to World Wide Web, striving to earn good green money. I am going to list out Top 10 AdSense Tips to Earn More (Complete AdSense Guide) that I have ascertained from present and past experiences.

10. AdSense Approval

AdSense Approval-AdSense Tips to Earn More

Getting approved for AdSense program nowadays is not as easy as it sounds. Google has a very strict screening process you got to pass before you are an approved AdSense publisher. Here are some essential steps to be followed before you apply for AdSense.

· Domain: The first and foremost you must have is a top level domain, so subdomains and wordpress subdomains domains are not up to the job.

· Content: Design and content of your website plays an important role. The website should be user friendly and look professional. The content hosted should in no way encourage or be related to pornography, pirated content, drugs, illegal activities, scams or any other illegal pages.

· Important Pages: A website must have three important pages, i.e., Privacy Policy, Sitemap and Contact Us page. There are some websites that can help you create a custom privacy policy tailored to suit your website. Personally, I prefer this one.

· Minimal Requirement: The website considered for submission should have enough content to navigate the site. There is no standard set by Google with regard to the minimal content a website should have in order to be approved. But as a rule of thumb, the website should have at least 10-15 posts, each one with more than 500 words.

· Verification: Then comes the name, email and age verification. If you have previously been rejected by AdSense, giving the same name and address might not be a good idea. In such case, use the identity of your family members and the cheques will be written in their name by Google.

· Third-Party Ads: Finally, while awaiting approval, in case you have arrangements with other Ad networks, those Ads should be turned off during the screening process.

9. AdSense Ad Formats and Placement

AdSense Ad Formats and Placement-AdSense Tips to Earn More

After successful approval, placement of Ad becomes necessary. Currently, AdSense allows up to three Ad units to be placed in a single page in addition to three text link ads. Here are some useful tips.

· Ad Formats: Before inserting ads, you have to decide on the Ad format. AdSense offers about 21 Ad formats to choose from depending on the real estate available on your website. Well positioned bigger and wider ads are known to increase your earnings significantly. Ad formats that have been found to be most effective are 336×280 Large Rectangle, 300×250 Medium Rectangle, 728×90 Leaderboard, and the 160×600 Wide Skyscraper.

· Ad Insertion: WordPress hosting platform offers a lot of plugins to efficiently place ads on to your website. The five most popular AdSense plugins are Quick AdSense, Google AdSense Plugin, WP Simple AdSense Insertion, AdSense Extreme, and Easy AdSense. I personally prefer Quick AdSense as it also gives the option of using third-party ads with just a few clicks.

8. Use AdSense Custom Channels

Use AdSense Custom Channels-AdSense Tips to Earn More

According to Google, channels allow you to keep track of the performance of your Ad units and Ad slots. There are two types of AdSense channels, i.e., URL channels and Custom Channels. Custom channels can help you track how your Ad placements are performing. You can label each of your ad with channels and with little experimentation determine optimum Ad placement in the page. So how do Custom Channels help you earn higher?

· Higher Bids from Advertisers: CTR (Click Through Rate) evaluation can give you a fair idea as to which ad units are performing well. By eliminating poorly performing ads, you give the advertiser confidence in bidding higher to ensure appearing on your page more.

· Additional Advertisers: Some advertisers prefer to control exactly when and where their Ads show up. By not using custom channels you are losing advertisers who are willing to bid for ad placement on your site.

7. Use AdSense for Mobile

Use AdSense for Mobile-AdSense Tips to Earn More

With the advent of smart phones and tablets, more and more people around the world are able to access internet. Therefore regardless of the nature of your website, it has to be mobile ready. In fact, around 25% of the traffic to our website,, is mobile traffic. Therefore it becomes a necessity to choose a theme that is mobile responsive and doesn’t compromise on user experience. Most of the popular WordPress themes released lately, both free and paid are mobile responsive. Even if a particular theme is not mobile response, there are plugins that are able to make a website mobile friendly in just a few clicks. The most popular of such plugins is WPtouch and there is also a pro version available with some added features.

6. Don’t Be an Idiot

Dont Be an Idiot-AdSense Tips to Earn More

If you have been successful up until this point with the above four points, you will be on the right track to earn some decent bucks with AdSense. At this point, don’t become an idiot because most people make stupid mistakes thereby violating and losing their AdSense accounts. Stick to Google AdSense policies and don’t try to outsmart them. Google can at any time disable your AdSense account and freeze all your earnings without any solid reason. Don’t try to do any of the following.

· Don’t place more than 3 content and 3 text ads in a single page.

· Don’t click you own ads. To avoid accidental clicks, use this plugin. When you’re logged into your WordPress blog, this plugin will prevent AdSense ads from displaying on your browser.

· Don’t ask others to click your Ads.

· Don’t provide incentive to your viewers to click on your ads.

· Don’t use AdSense ads on the same page with other similar looking ads.

· Don’t employ cloaking, hidden text or farm links.

· Don’t place Google ads on sites that include prohibited content.

5. Find and Improve your Keywords

Find and Improve your Key Words-AdSense Tips to Earn More

According to Wikipedia, “Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.” In the early days of search engines, keywords played an important role in search ranking. Lately, search engines have been giving priority to other factors that determine search ranking. The importance of keyword though diminished should not be totally ignored. It tends to instruct the search engine the nature and theme of you website. If search engine understands your niche, relevant ads will be served, in turn increasing your CTR and finding relevant advertisers. The best keyword suggestion tool is Google AdSense Sandbox.

4. Increase AdSense CPC (Cost Per Click)

Increase AdSense CPC-AdSense Tips to Earn More

If you are blogger, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of AdSense Optimization. Increasing CPC will automatically guarantee higher earnings. Here are some important points to be followed to increase your CPC.

· Niche: Before starting a blog, picking the right niche is utmost important. Specific niche sites are paid well. The best paid niches are gadgets, software, SEO, banking, automobile, tourism and real estate.

· Page Rank: Alexa and Google Page Rank set standards as to quality of your content. The better the page rank, more the advertisers are willing to pay.

· Country and Language: Some ad click from USA can earn you $2 to $3 while similar ads clicks from India will pay up only 20 to 25 cents. Therefore determine your audience before you start your website and keep the content relevant to English-speaking countries.

· Ad Review Center: Ad Review Center is an AdSense feature that helps you review revenues from each Ad category. You can block the low paying categories and also categories that are irrelevant to your site.

· Verify Your Address: I don’t know why this works, but it has worked for me and a couple of other webmasters I know. After your AdSense account is approved and you reach the threshold of $10, Google prompts you to verify your address. Do this at the earliest. I saw a good 50% jump in my CPC right after the address was verified.

3. Increase AdSense CTR (Click Through Rate)

Increase AdSense CTR (Click Through Rate)-AdSense Tips to Earn More

Though traffic is a fundamental requirement for Ad revenue, low CTRs will curtail you from earning higher revenue. Optimum CTR is considered to be 1% to 3%. Over 5% and you can be red flagged with an eminent danger of Google disabling your account. Also, higher CTRs result in low CPC. Therefore it is safe to keep the CTR within 5%. If you are experiencing lower CTRs, some of the best practices to increase them are;

· Ad Placement: Ad placement is the most important factor in determining CTR. The best position to place your ad is above the fold, but don’t clutter all the ads together. Try to strategically place your ads within the content. At the beginning of your content and at the end. If you write lengthy articles like us, one right in the middle will be beneficial.

· Ad Sizes: The bigger the ads the better the CTR. Top three ad size associated with higher CTR are 336×280 large rectangle, 300×250 medium rectangle, 160×600 wide skyscraper.

· Ad Colors: When creating ads for your website, it is recommended to use color scheme similar to the color and style of your website, so that the ads can blend in well.

· Number of Ads: Try to use all three content ads strategically throughout the page.

2. Safety

Safety-AdSense Tips to Earn More

So you have done the hard work and it is finally paying off. What next? There is always the chance of a server crash, hacking or click bombing. Here are some tips to be on the safe side of the road to avoid losing your website or your AdSense account.

· Backup: The chances of someone hacking your website or the server crashing are always imminent. In both cases there is a slight chance of losing all you files. First thing to do while starting a website is to choose a good host. After setting up your website, it is an effective idea to install a good backup plugin. If you can afford it, the best paid plugin is VaultPress. If you are looking for a free plugin, BackWPup is the best one around. It has the best features for a free plugin suitable for a small blog operation.

· Click Bombing: Click bombing is when your ads get clicked more than normal. You get abnormally high CTR than what is your everyday norm. Google is very serious about invalid click activity. Google does not care if you or someone else with/without your consent click bombs you website. If you are flagged you will be shut out from the AdSense program and you will lose all your earnings. The first and foremost thing to do is to check your AdSense page earnings twice daily. In case you are click bombed, Google has provided invalid click activity form that you can fill out to inform them of the malicious click activity. Basically, you will be asked an explanation, time and IP address of the supposed click bomber. To gather IP, you should have a free plugin called StatCounter. It will provide a detailed stat on your visitors. You can gather the malicious IP from their Exit Link Activity feature. Finally, there is a Who Sees Ads Plugin by which you can restrict the ads to be seen only by search engine visitors. Even after taking these precautions, if the Click Bombing doesn’t stop, disable you ads for a day or two.

1. Content is the King

Content is the King-AdSense Tips to Earn More

After doing the hard work and securing your site, the next reasonable step is to concentrate on you content. If you have good content, people will find your content no matter how. Keep you website focused on your theme, your niche and stick to it. Write a page regularly, preferably daily. Interact with your readers in comments. Keep your reader entertained. A site without good content is always on the track of failure. Keep you blog operation updated both behind the curtain and in front of it. Keep your themes, WordPress platform and plugins updated. Get to know your reader more and provide them what they need, not what you want to give them.


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