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5 Design Tricks For Small Bedrooms

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Bedrooms are considered sanctuaries and personal spaces. Given the purpose of this room, it is a must that you decorate it the way you visualize it. However, certain limitations hinder such goals so most homeowners end up will “barely there” designs and concepts.

But luxury interior design companies in Dubai believe that design limitations such as space constraints can be resolved using interior design tricks:

  1. Go for built-ins

Since you are already dealing with space limitations, you need to maximize your walls in order to create more space. Do not buy more cabinets. Instead, try to go for built-in cabinets installed above your walls. That way, you can have more storage spaces and also have room for your design accents.

  1. Try a daybed

Big and bulky beds take up too much space. If you are the type of person that are still sleeper, then you might want to consider a daybed. A daybed can help you save some space but will also look good in a small room. Be sure to place it strategically. Usually, daybeds are installed near windows so it can serve as your all-day bed. In the morning, you can lounge at it while reading a good book. At night, it can serve as your bed.

  1. Maximize your bed space

If you are still thinking of where to put your stuff, be creative. Instead of buying a bulky closet or cabinet, use your bed as a storage space. But do not just stash everything under the bed without organizing it. It would be best to get your things in order before storing them under your bed. You can take this to the next level by creating storage drawers to store and hide your stuff. There are ready-made drawers that might fit under your bed, but it would be best if you can create them yourself.

  1. Go for multi-purpose furniture

Since space is already a problem, adding more furnishings might not be the way to go. Pick furnishings that are lean and slim so they won’t take up too much space. Also choose furniture that can function in more ways than one. Multi-purpose furniture varies. You can have a desk that can also function as a storage space or seating furniture that can also be used to hide your stuff.

  1. Try bold colors

A lot of people think that using neutral colors can make the room look bigger. But it will also limit people when it comes to choosing wall paints. Try to use bold colors as your color palette. Use it strategically to make your room pop without making it look smaller.

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