Arts and design schools and colleges in Dubai

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Arts and design have been an important feature in Dubai in the past decade. There has been an increase in the number of people pursuing art careers. This, of course, has not been a result of coincidence but of intentional innovation.

However, more can still be done. This article looks at some of the schools and colleges in Dubai where one can study to take advantage of the numerous opportunities coming up in the field.

  • The College of Fashion and Design

Studying in a school whose vision is global has never been a bad idea. It puts students at a higher space than any other though this is also dependent on how much effort they apply.

This college is well aligned with the UAE’s initiatives and hopes to be a leader in its field. It has demonstrated its ability to not conform by offering among other options, a comprehensive college for Fashion Design and Business Management.  It is the only one that offers that in the region.

It aims not just to drive and inspire creativity but to also empower and initiate research into the field.

The infrastructure in the college is nothing short of exemplary. They have adopted the most recent technology to work alongside their globally acclaimed members of staff to produce the kind of graduate who will have a global relevance as an artist.

Students who excel are presented with opportunities to start their career at a higher ground than everyone else with opportunities to build their intellectual and technical knowledge.

  • University of Sharjah

Offering a unique and global learning style the university’s competitive edge lies in its systems based on scientific research. It is the only institution that has conducted studies on the arts in the GCC and UAE region which says more about it that I could. All the programs that it offers are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.

It is one of the most reputable universities in the Arab region known for its sustainable academic programs and its contribution to the society.

Their systems are informed by their respect for the creative’s thought process, transparency, and civic responsibility. The long-term goals of the university are global which means that even their short term goals will follow suit.

  • Zayed University

Since it was founded in 1998, the university has become a regional leader in educational innovation, being guided by very high expectations in its leadership. Its aim has always been to lead in the UAE and to achieve global recognition.

One of the major landmarks of a potential leader is their ability to corroborate with other people and this university demonstrates its leadership potential by initiating programs that allow it to work with members of the community.

Graduates from the University have come out able to work with people on a global level offering a testimonial to the University’s systems.

It observes professional and civic ethics to the highest possible standard with members of staff who are fully sold out to its vision.