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5 Essential Tips When Hiring An Architect

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The job of an architect is essential in building construction. Through their skills and genius design, you can have a structure that is not only eye-catching but also structurally correct. Which is why picking the right one is imperative.

If you are in the process of looking for one, these tips can help you with the scouting and hiring:

  1. Know your building needs

The first order of business when scouting for architects in Dubai is to determine your building needs. Knowing your design and building needs would make the scouting process easier. Be sure to list down your requirements in terms of design and structural integrity. It wouldn’t hurt to do some research about the requirements and the kind of people that you will need to do the building construction. Is there a need for mechanical engineering in Dubai? Or you would be needing a structural engineer to ensure that would determine the structure performance needed for your project.

You probably have business partners in this project. Make sure to get their opinion as well.

  1. Know your timeline and budget

You also need to determine the budget you will allot for this project, especially the consulting fee. Most architects work on a specified minimum budget based on the overall cost of the project. Knowing how much you are willing to shell out so you can scout for someone that can give you the quality of work you need within the rate that you can afford.

In terms of the timeline, be sure to provide a realistic timeline for the building construction. Some architects are working on multiple projects. You need to consider their schedules versus your time frame.

  1. Scout for referral from your inner circle

If you are looking for credible architects, you can ask first your inner circle. Your friends probably can give you some referrals you can check out. The best thing about getting recommendations is you can ask the opinion of the person who give the referral. Ask about their quality of work and their work etiquette. They would probably give you a clearer picture of the architect’s body of work.

  1. Set a meeting

Once you have all the names, you can start setting up a meeting with each firm or candidate. Be sure to give each one a project brief and see what they can offer based on the project requirements. As early as the initial meeting, you can narrow down your choices based on your guts and their initial presentation.

  1. Consider their body of work

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is the prospective firms’ portfolio. Be sure to check their body of work. You can check whether they are capable of doing the project type that you want or if they are flexible enough to do different project types.