Dubai on a limited budget

3 min read

Dubai is a place for the rich – celebrities, designer-shoppers etc – just look at the 7- star hotels in the place! It is definitely not a destination to visit when you are on a shoestring budget and yet, you will not necessarily have to rob a bank to enjoy some of its serenities.

  • Food

Food can be very expensive in Dubai but you can take advantage of brunch deals. Make sure to find a good one. Some of them cover all your eating deals or all your food and drink needs at 150 AED.

Alternatively, you can skip out on lunch and choose to picnic instead. Local supplies such as Geant sell water at around 2 AED and a CocaCola at 1 AED.

When it is evening and you crave a drink, you can take advantage of ladies night. Some bars usually have it on Tuesday and may extend it to Wednesday. Drinks are free during that time. An example is the Longs Bar.

You can buy drinks and refreshments as well as ice-cream at cheaper prices in the beach.

  • Accommodation

You don’t have to stay in the Palm Islands to enjoy Dubai. There are cheap neighborhoods where you can find affordable living space. One such place is the Al Barsha area. Hotels go for as low as 280 AED. It is even cheaper if you are with family or friends.

Other cheap neighborhoods are such as Satwa and Karama.

  • Transport

Moving around Dubai is cheapest by rail. You can travel for 24 hours on the metro at a budget of 14 AED. The city train makes sightseeing effective too.

The tram which has been integrated with the Dubai Metro is also convenient. A single trip can cost 4 AED.

If you can afford it, you can rent a bicycle at Dh 15 for 30 minutes and have more control of where you enter to see the city.

  • Clothing, souvenirs, and gifts

Leaving Dubai without something for your loved ones is almost a shame. Especially so when there are places you can buy gifts and souvenirs at affordable prices. The Karama Center never disappoints when it comes to this.

For your clothing needs too, you can find knock-off designer wears in the center and fake labels at very good bargains.

  • Places to visit

So you will not just stay in your cheap hotel and shop for a souvenir at the end of your stay – unless you want to, which is okay. There are places that you can visit without harming your pocket.

The Bur Dubai Abra Dock is one such place. You can get to ride the Abras at Dh 1.

You can also visit the beach and enjoy not just the cheap price of foods there but also a serene view. Jumeira beach is free for example. Other beaches charge only a small entrance fee which is worth it given what you get in return.

Other places you can visit at such prices are such as the Dubai Museum, the Dubai zoo, and parks such as the Dubai Creek at Dh 5.