Fall landscape ideas that turn heads

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What is it that defines fall? Lots of reds, yellows, browns and golds with cool days and starry night, pumpkins, hay rides and Halloween! Yes, that is exactly what fall is all about. If you plan on landscaping your yard this year, then make sure that you prepare it for the amazing colors that define this season. Fall landscape ideas by the best landscape designers Dubai amazing plants, flowers and decorative elements, which would help you come up with an exquisite landscape that is sure to flatter the appearance of your home.

Plant Trees
The best way to draw the attention of the whole of your neighborhood is to plant a few, selected, stunning trees. Not only would these cool your patio, the changing color of the leaves is sure to complement your house. The best trees to be planted during the fall season are red maples, dogwood and oaks. To add a bit more color, get trees with yellow colored leaves like birch, sugar maples and black maple. Other larger plants and shrubbery are also a good option.

Colorful plants
Even though planting flowers is just not possible during fall in many areas, however, you can still enjoy the fruits of late blooming flowers. These would give your landscape a boom of color once the cooler months start arriving. What every fall landscape must necessarily have are Chrysanthemums. These can easily withstand cool days. Add a bit of softer hues of purples, pinks and blues to your fall landscape by planting sedum and aster. These options are best for people interested in fall landscape ideas that turn heads.

Place ornaments
Pull out your hay bales, cornstalks and pumpkins and get on to creating the most delightful landscape in your neighborhood with the help of landscaping companies in Dubai. Instead of waiting for Halloween, give your landscape that ornamental look by heaping up four or five hay bales as steps. On your driveway entrance, place a few potted cornstalks, chrysanthemums and pumpkin gourds. These can even be placed on your front porch. Pick the color of the chrysanthemums according to the flowering fall plants that you have in your garden or the color of your tree leaves. more info here .

Place structures

If you think that landscaping is limited to just trees, flowers and grasses, than you are fairly mistaken. Give your landscape a bit of substance by adding wooden, cement or iron structures to it. Visual appeal is extremely important and you can easily achieve that with placing birdbaths, archway, pergolas and decks to your landscape.