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Questions about mystery shopping

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Questions about mystery shopping

There is now a new trend in the world which is known as mystery shopper UAE in which a person will be hired by the customer support agencies and they will make a purchase from the specific stores to tell about their experience. This trend increased with the increase of Ecommerce and now many companies are using this. While you are going to adopt this as a work you have to first know about the law of your country but in many of the countries it is totally legal so you can earn from that. This is not a permanent job so here are some questions to ask before adopting this work:

What will be the salary?

This is a kind of temporary work in which you will get salary on monthly basis but in this you will get salary on assignment basis like when you complete as assignment then you will get paid about 15 to 20 dollars as it depends on the company that is hiring you. You will not get the work on regular basis so you should take it as a side income and not your main source of income.

What work to do?

You have to know that in this work of mystery shopping you need to complete the assignment and they vary according to the need of the company. Sometimes you will be asked to visit any mall and try to tell them about eh cleaning and behavior of the staff and sometimes you need to buy certain things and then tell about your experience with eth product so the work totally depend on the requirements of the company that is hiring you.

What to do with products?

Some people who are going to start working as a mystery shopper are confused that when they will buy products then who will pay and what to do with the products afterwards so here you will be getting your answers. You have to first make the contract and then go to buy the products or services with your own money and then tell your honest opinion about hat product. After that you will be repaid the amount along with money of your work and also you can keep products so it is good to do for earning extra bucks. Conduct an employee feedback survey for company‚Äôs growth.