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Details about dentistry

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Dentistry is the branch of medicine the deals with the treatment, prevention, diagnosis and surgery all related to oral health. In order to be a dentist four years degree is required that is either called doctor of dental surgery also known as DDS and doctor of dental medicine known as DDM as well. Want to know more? Click here.

Dentistry is also called dental and oral medicine.

It not only deals with the inner area of mouth but other areas as well including the jaw and facial areas. Although main focus is on teeth and this is what it is known for. Dentistry deals with other structures as well which are lymphatic, vascular structures,  nervous and muscular structures.

Who works at a dentistry clinic?

At the dentistry clinic your dental issues will be cared for by dentists and axillaries of dentist which are dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental therapists and dental technicians. People usually take dental issues lightly although they should not be taken light because if the oral hygiene is bad it affects the whole personality of a person and makes a person lose confidence in front of people.

How to take care of oral health?

In order to maintain dental health one must always brush his teeth even if it needs to be done twice a day. Antiseptic mouthwash has to be used and flossing is required as well to remove any unnoticed food particles that give birth to bacteria.

Mostly people go to dental clinics to have some renowned treatments done out of which one is the application of braces, second is tooth decay and the last is root canal. Although it does not end here but there are other services offered there as well. Hollywood smile prices in Abu Dhabi are okay compared to the standard of services they offer.

Root canal and dentistry cosmetic explained

Dentistry cosmetic deals with the appearance of teeth, and it does not usually help with the functionality of the teeth but only deals with the aesthetics. Not everyone can afford having dentistry cosmetic done because it is not necessary in order to make teeth function well. Usually upper class, upper middle class and celebrities get it done. It is done to manage the gaps in teeth, color, shape and position of teeth in order to make smile more beautiful.

Root canal on the other hand is necessary to be performed because it deals with the functionality  of the teeth. It helps relieve one from aching and daily life oral irritation. In the process of root canal nerve and pulp parts of the tooth are removed and total cleaning of tooth as well as mouth is done.