Types of doctor and what they do

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Types of doctor and what they do

There are many types of doctor and many doctors who have specialized in treating several types of new diseases. Let’s read about a few types that have not been so common in the past but concerns people of today.

An allergist is a doctor who is specialized in allergies that occur due to the environment or from other causes. This doctor helps diagnose your persistent flu symptoms. It could be due to an allergy for which he runs some simple tests to reveal the allergic factor. Treatment and prevention methods will be prescribed to solve or reduce the problem.

A dermatologist is a type of doctor who specializes in skin problems like eczema and acne. Such a doctor can also treat severe conditions like inflammations, burnings, sun damage and skin cancer.

A gynecologist is a doctor treating women with problems related to their internal reproductive organs and also responsible for following the course of pregnancy and delivering babies. Many doctors further specialize within this area such as addressing problems of conceiving and many more. These doctors are also surgeons having an extensive understanding of tumors that affect the female reproductive organs.

An oncologist is a new type of doctor, a physician who threats tumors that may cause cancer. The education of an oncologist is similar to that of a typical physician followed by a specialization that enables him/her to understand which tumors can cause cancer. They can make a diagnosis and propose the right treatment for each case. An oncologist didn’t exist in the past as this disease was very rare. With the increased number of cancer cases around the globe, this specialization has become need of the time, to undertake studies to find answers to its causes and better treatment.

Plastic surgeons are doctors that existed in the past but are more common now with extended responsibilities. Plastic surgeries were mostly coming from underdevelopment or injury in the past, but in recent times these treatments are more of an aesthetic nature for example, reducing the size of the nose, reducing wrinkles through Botox in Dubai and many other treatments.

There are many more types of doctor like psychiatrist, pediatricians, urologists, neurologists and physiatrists offering Physiotherapy in Dubai with the help of physiotherapists, and the list keeps growing together with people’s needs.