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Documents You Need to Prepare for Your Australian Immigration

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The first phase of applying for a new immigration status is collating and preparing the necessary documents you need to process. This part of the process is vital as having all the documents prepared can speed up your immigration status processing. However, failing to complete these papers might lead to a lot of setbacks such as delays on visa process, or worse disapproval of your application.

So it a must that this step should be taken seriously. Australian immigration consultants in Dubai provided an initial checklist for their clients so they will not miss anything. Here are some of the primary documents for your reference:


  1. Passport

Passport is one of primary documents that immigration agents/representative asks their clients as this would serve as your primary identity document. Whether you are applying for a permanent residency visa or a tourist visa, this document should be in your hands at all times. Copies of primary applicants and dependent’s passport should be presented and scanned (in color) and should be attached along with your accomplished application forms.


  1. Other identity documents

Aside from your passport, you need to show other proof of your identity. Be sure to photocopy and scan your birth certificate as well as those of your dependents. If you are married, divorced or widowed, you need to have a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce papers or the death certificate of your deceased spouse. These documents are necessary to solidify your proof of identity on building a strong case.


  1. Educational papers

Educational papers would include your diplomas, certificates and school records. In some instances, applicants are also asked to provide certificate on English language proficiency. This is to ensure that you are knowledgeable of the country’s primary language and will have no hard time communicating with the locals.


  1. Employment reference

Your employment reference would need to indicate your employment history, verified and certified by your past employers. You can also include other work documents such as references, a copy of your previous work contracts and certificates.


  1. Skills Assessment proof

If you are applying for a skilled visa in Australia, it is a must that you take the skilled assessment test and get a skilled assessment report provided by a trusted assessing authority.

These are just the initial documents that you need to prepare. Depending on the type of visa you are applying, the immigration officer might also ask you to provide additional documents and papers. Your immigration consultant will help you on identifying these documents to prevent any delays due to paper processing.

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